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eCommerce Website Design Brief

Valley Fig Growers, situated in the heart of Fresno, CA, and representing a substantial segment of the American fig industry, sought to reinvigorate their digital presence to reflect their stature in the market. With an aim to mirror the cooperative's growth and the quality of their product, they entrusted Alkalyne to cultivate an online experience that would be as delightful and rich as the figs they harvest.


The cooperative's existing website was rooted in outdated technology, presenting a labyrinthine user experience that was far from user-friendly. The challenge lay not only in modernizing the website aesthetically but also in transforming it into a dynamic platform that could grow with their business, allowing effortless updates and feature integrations.


Alkalyne approached the redesign with a blend of contemporary design practices and a deep understanding of Valley Fig's brand essence. By integrating their new branding colors, the website was imbued with a warm and inviting palette that speaks to the natural sweetness of their figs. The navigation was streamlined to create a seamless journey through recipes, blog articles, and a more approachable e-commerce experience.

Valley Fig Growers Homepage 1 Valley Fig Growers Homepage 2


The fruition of this partnership is a vibrant, intuitive website that stands as a testament to Valley Fig's industry leadership. The enhanced digital platform has not only improved the accessibility of their content but has also translated into increased engagement and sales. Valley Fig's rich heritage and expertise in fig cultivation are now successfully paralleled by a robust online presence that caters to both long-time fig enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Client Testimonial

"The collaboration with Alkalyne has been nothing short of transformational for our online footprint. They've adeptly woven our core values and aesthetic into every pixel of the new design, resulting in a website that our team is proud of and that our customers love to visit. The new site has markedly improved our content delivery and online sales, propelling our digital engagement forward."
- Linda Cain, VP of Marketing, Valley Fig Growers

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