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Movie Theater Website Design Brief

Nestled in the heart of Arcata, CA, the Minor Theatre — the nation's venerable cinema relic and erstwhile stage of the legendary Harry Houdini — faced the curtain rise of its grand renaissance. With independent ownership at the helm and a reawakening set for 2016, the objective was to intertwine its treasured past with an innovative future. Alkalyne was chosen to spotlight this evolution through a comprehensive digital strategy.


Our mission was to architect a digital presence for the Minor Theatre that did justice to its illustrious past and its cutting-edge present. The challenge lay in crafting an intuitive and responsive website that would not only highlight the theatre's historical grandeur and recent high-tech enhancements but also streamline the experience for movie-goers through automatic updates of showtimes, trailers, and easy-access ticketing. This had to be executed while maintaining the theatre's classic appeal, ensuring that the website itself was a seamless extension of the enchanting experience patrons have cherished for over a century.


Alkalyne embarked on a mission to revitalize the Minor's digital persona with an array of custom solutions, elevating the patron experience both online and in the aisles.

  • User-Friendly Booking System: A streamlined, mobile-responsive platform boasting real-time updates of showtimes, movie trailers, synopses, and ticketing facilitated through an advanced third-party API.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Magic: Echoing Houdini's legacy, we created a custom private rental system with an admin dashboard for seamless event management, paralleled by a user-friendly interface for audiences to reserve their private gatherings.
  • Culinary Cinematic Experience: Alongside visual and auditory upgrades to projectors and sound systems, we highlighted the theatre's new gourmet adventure, featuring a tantalizing online menu of food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages now served seat-side for a delectable movie experience.
  • Enhanced E-Commerce Functionality: A secure, integrated system for the purchase and delivery of gift cards, complemented by a reservation system for MET Opera enthusiasts and seasonal ticket subscribers, complete with a visual seat map for an impeccable selection process.
The Minor Theatre's homepage The Minor Theatre's private reservation pages


Following the website's overhaul, the Minor Theatre experienced a significant surge in audience engagement. The modernized, user-friendly interface delivered a seamless experience for patrons seeking current and upcoming film information, ticket purchases, and private event bookings. The specialized seat selection for MET Opera events, in particular, received acclaim for its sophistication and user-centric design. For standard screenings, the theatre preserved its classic open-seating policy, offering a nostalgic touch in a contemporary setting. Overall, the updated digital presence effectively elevated the theatre's historic charm, amplifying its role as a beloved cultural landmark and enhancing the convenience for a new generation of moviegoers and performing arts enthusiasts.

Client Testimonial

"Alkalyne has been the mastermind behind our theatre's online revival, intertwining our rich history with a sleek, user-centric web presence. Their innovative approach has not only revived the Minor Theatre's legacy but has also introduced a new dimension of cinematic indulgence for our guests."
– Joshua Neff, Proprietor, Minor Theatre.

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