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Interior Decorator Website Design Brief

Marea Clark Interiors, a distinguished interior design firm in San Francisco, recognized the need to elevate their online presence to reflect the quality of their work. In a digital landscape where first impressions are pivotal, they sought a website that would load rapidly without compromising the visual impact of their portfolio.


The firm's existing website was hindered by slow page load speeds, detracting from user experience and potentially impacting client perception. However, the nature of their business required high-quality imagery to showcase their design expertise effectively. The challenge was to balance swift load times with crisp, engaging visuals.


To address these needs, Alkalyne recommended a redevelopment of the website using Gatsby, a modern web framework known for its performance. Gatsby's robust image optimization capabilities allowed us to retain the visual fidelity of Marea Clark's portfolio while significantly enhancing the site's loading speed.

Marea Clark Interiors Homepage Marea Clark Interiors Projects Page


The new Gatsby-powered website delivered a dramatic improvement in performance. Pages loaded with haste, allowing for a smooth, seamless user experience. The high-quality images of Marea Clark's interior designs were displayed in full clarity, captivating visitors and supporting the firm's reputation for excellence.

Client Testimonial

"We knew our website's slow performance wasn't showcasing our work in the best light, but we didn't want to lose the quality of our images. Alkalyne struck the perfect balance with their redesign. Our site is now as sleek and efficient as our design philosophy, and we've received numerous compliments from clients on the improved speed and functionality. A truly transformative solution that we're proud to share."
- Marea Clark, Founder of Marea Clark Interiors

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