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Restaurant Website Design Brief

Golden Deli, a beloved Vietnamese eatery with roots stretching back to 1981, has become a staple in the San Gabriel Valley for its authentic flavors and welcoming atmosphere. With two bustling locations in San Gabriel and Temple City, California, Golden Deli has long been the go-to spot for both dine-in and takeout, serving generations of fans their favorite Vietnamese dishes. To keep pace with the digital demands of modern customers, Golden Deli recognized the need for a website that matched their high standards of service and cuisine.


Golden Deli's original website was a plate of assorted issues. Built on WordPress, it suffered from slow loading times, was not optimized for mobile devices, and was peppered with incomplete pages that frustrated users. The menu, a critical feature for any restaurant's online presence, was particularly cumbersome as it was only available in PDF format. This was not digestible for the growing number of customers accessing the site on mobile devices, many of whom were trying to order right from their tables.


Alkalyne Solutions took on the task of crafting a digital experience as rich and satisfying as a meal at Golden Deli. By stepping away from template-driven design and choosing to hand-code the website, Alkalyne guaranteed a high-performance site with rapid page loads. Menus were transformed from static PDFs to dynamic web pages, ensuring they were palatable on all devices. Collaborating closely with a family member from the Golden Deli team, Alkalyne sculpted a fresh, modern look that truly reflected the restaurant's commitment to quality and tradition.

Golden Deli homepage Golden Deli menu page


The finished product was a sleek, responsive website that brought Golden Deli's online presence into the new decade. With improved functionality, intuitive navigation, and an alluring design, the website now invites visitors to explore Golden Deli's offerings with the same ease and enjoyment as dining in their comfortable restaurants. The website's high performance and mobile-friendly menus have not only enhanced the customer experience but have also streamlined the ordering process, effectively serving both the business and its patrons.

Client Testimonial

"Alkalyne Solutions was a game-changer for our family's restaurant. We knew our online presence needed a complete overhaul, and Alkalyne delivered beyond our expectations. They understood the importance of a website that could serve our loyal customers with simplicity and style. Since the launch of the new site, we've seen a significant uptick in online orders and positive feedback from our guests. It's like they brought our restaurant's soul into the digital world. We couldn't be happier with the results."
- Thy Do, Manager, Golden Deli

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