Vinyl Logo Stickers Brief

UpNorth, a well-established cannabis distributor in Arcata, CA, sought to broaden their promotional reach by adding high-quality vinyl stickers to their marketing mix. Recognizing the power of versatile and durable branding tools, they tasked Alkalyne with the production of these stickers.


The main challenge was finding a vendor capable of producing stickers that met UpNorth's high standards for quality. Local vendors in proximity to UpNorth were initially consulted, but there were concerns about their ability to deliver the desired quality level.


Alkalyne took the initiative to extend the search beyond the local area, eventually discovering an online vendor specializing in premium vinyl stickers. To ensure quality, a design file was created and a sample order was placed. Upon receiving and approving the sample stickers for their exceptional quality, Alkalyne proceeded with the online vendor for the full order.

UpNorth Distribution Sticker Front UpNorth Distrbiution Sticker Spread


The result was a successful collaboration that delivered stickers upholding the high-quality image of the UpNorth brand. The vinyl stickers produced were not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable, reflecting the standard of excellence that UpNorth carries in its products and promotional efforts.

Client Testimonial

"Alkalyne's commitment to matching our quality expectations with the right vendor for our vinyl stickers was spot on. They understood that our promotional items need to represent the quality of our brand. The stickers they sourced for us were perfect in quality and aesthetics, enhancing our brand visibility significantly."
– Geoffrey Hoopes, CEO, UpNorth

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