Rolling Tray Design Brief

In the ever-evolving cannabis industry, brand distinction through custom merchandise is key. UpNorth, always looking to offer their customers unique and quality products, envisioned a limited series of branded rolling trays—a staple accessory for their discerning clientele. Alkalyne was tasked with the mission to bring this concept to life, ensuring the end product was both functional and reflective of UpNorth's brand identity.


The challenge was twofold: sourcing a vendor who could deliver high-quality craftsmanship worthy of the UpNorth brand, and designing a rolling tray that would resonate with the brand's ethos while appealing to a diverse customer base. The design had to be both practical for users and stylish enough to become a coveted item among cannabis connoisseurs.


Alkalyne embarked on a diligent vendor selection process, prioritizing quality and reliability. With a vendor in place, our designers crafted multiple layout variations, blending UpNorth's brand elements with innovative design concepts. Through a collaborative selection process, UpNorth chose a design that exemplified their brand while catering to aesthetic and functional standards. The final order of 300 custom rolling trays was meticulously overseen to ensure each piece met our exacting specifications.

UpNorth Distribution Rolling Tray Mockups UpNorth Distribution Rolling Tray Final


The rolling trays were an instant hit. Limited in number but unlimited in appeal, they quickly became a must-have for UpNorth's customers, enhancing the brand's prestige. This successful product launch not only served the functional needs of the community but also reinforced UpNorth's reputation for providing high-quality, branded cannabis accessories.

Client Testimonial

"Alkalyne was instrumental in expanding our brand presence through their design and production of our custom rolling trays. They delivered a product that our customers love, perfectly aligning with our brand's image and quality standards. This limited run has been a fantastic addition to our merchandise line, and we're thrilled with the response from our community."
— Geoffrey Hoopes, CEO, UpNorth

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