Promotional Apparel Design Brief

UpNorth, a premier cannabis distributor in Arcata, CA, stands out for their commitment to quality and community. To extend their vibrant brand identity into their customers' lifestyle, UpNorth partnered with Alkalyne to create a line of distinctive apparel that captures the spirit of their product and ethos.


The challenge was to design apparel that would resonate with the essence of UpNorth and appeal to their discerning clientele. It needed to be more than mere merchandise; it was essential to craft pieces that were functional, stylish, and intricately connected to the UpNorth brand. Furthermore, UpNorth wanted these items to be unique and exclusive, aligning with the limited-run approach that would foster a sense of exclusivity and brand pride among customers.


Alkalyne facilitated a creative collaboration between UpNorth and Grassroots California, a company celebrated for their quality limited-run hats and apparel. We spearheaded the design process, infusing UpNorth's signature green and black color scheme into the fabric of each piece. The fitted caps we designed boast a dynamic raised UpNorth logo against a subtle backdrop of its symbol, with a playful cartoon graphic lining the inside - a nod to the brand's lively character. The reversible hoodies take inspiration from UpNorth's cannabis jar cartons, with a sharp black exterior and a bright green interior that speaks to the brand’s vibrant nature.

UpNorth Distribution Grassroots California Fitted Hat Front Side UpNorth Distribution Grassroots California Reversible Hoodie Green Front Side


The final products were a triumph, embodying the essence of the UpNorth brand in wearable form. The reversible hoodies and fitted caps became instant hits, encapsulating UpNorth's commitment to excellence and the fusion of quality and culture. This apparel line didn't just carry the UpNorth logo; it carried its story, inviting customers to wear their identity with pride.

Client Testimonial

"Alkalyne didn't just understand our vision; they elevated it. Their expertise in design brought our brand to life in a way we couldn't have imagined. The hoodies and caps have been a massive hit with our customers, who appreciate the quality and the story behind each piece. Working with Alkalyne has been an absolute pleasure, and we're proud to wear our brand on our sleeves, quite literally!"
- Geoffrey Hoopes, UpNorth CEO

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