Metallic Foil Business Card Design Brief

In a market where distinct branding is key to standing out, UpNorth Distribution has established itself as a leader in cannabis distribution with a unique and compelling brand identity. The challenge they brought to Alkalyne was not just to create a set of business cards but to encapsulate the essence of their brand in a pocket-sized format. The business cards needed to not just convey contact information but to make a statement about the quality and ethos of UpNorth.


The key challenge lay in translating UpNorth's brand aesthetic into a business card format that necessitated a high-quality, custom finish. UpNorth's brand is synonymous with a vivid green color that represents growth, freshness, and the natural quality of their products. Their request was specific: the business cards must include their circular brand logo with a foil-stamped finish that matched their signature green. The foil-stamping process is typically restricted to more conventional colors like gold and silver, and sourcing a vendor who could provide a wider color palette, especially one that would match UpNorth’s distinct green, was no small feat.


Determined to fulfill the client's vision, Alkalyne embarked on a meticulous search for a printing partner who could go beyond the industry standard. After connecting with multiple vendors and assessing various samples, a solution was found. We partnered with a vendor that offered custom metallic inks, an innovative alternative that replicated the sheen and texture of a foil stamp. This allowed for pinpoint accuracy in matching the green hue to UpNorth’s brand color. The meticulous process of selecting the exact metallic ink that could imitate the foil stamp effect was crucial in maintaining the integrity of the brand's color scheme on the business cards. Paired with our graphic design services, we were able to produce an end product that exceeded our client's needs.

UpNorth Distribution Business Cards Front UpNorth Distribution Business Cards Back


The final product was a suite of business cards that were both a visual and tactile delight. They successfully reflected UpNorth's premium positioning in the market, with the foil-like metallic green logo prominently featured on both sides of the card. The cards struck a perfect balance between sophistication and brand consistency, serving as a testament to UpNorth's attention to quality and detail.

Client Testimonial

"As the face of UpNorth in the hands of our clients and partners, it was imperative that our business cards make a memorable impact. Alkalyne understood this from the start and went to great lengths to ensure the cards were not just a communication tool, but a representation of our brand's commitment to excellence. The green metallic finish on our logo is more than just a color; it's a statement of our identity. The level of personalization and quality Alkalyne achieved has set a new standard for all our branding materials."
— Geoffrey Hoopes, CEO, UpNorth Distribution

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