UpNorth Custom Made Neon Sign Brief

UpNorth Distribution, an innovative cannabis distributor, sought to enhance the ambiance of one of their partner dispensaries with a striking visual element. They approached Alkalyne with the vision of installing a custom neon sign that encapsulates their brand's vibrant energy.


The challenge was to capture the essence of UpNorth’s brand in a traditional, glass tube neon sign, which required blending a classic medium with a modern cannabis culture aesthetic. Furthermore, finding a skilled manufacturer who could deliver on quality and reliability was paramount, especially for the intricate craftsmanship that old-school neon signs demand.


Alkalyne took on the project with enthusiasm, conducting thorough research to identify the most adept neon sign producers. We settled on a reputable craftsman in Los Angeles known for their high-quality work. Collaborating closely with them, we translated UpNorth's brand into a stunning neon design, ensuring the final product would be both durable and visually impactful.

UpNorth Distribution Neon Sign Mockup UpNorth Distribution Neon Sign Final


The neon sign production was a resounding success. Upon completion, the sign was shipped to Northern California, where it now glows prominently in the dispensary. Its old-school charm and vivid luminance draw in customers, creating an unforgettable shopping experience and strengthening brand recognition.

Client Testimonial

"We wanted a sign that was more than just branding; we wanted a statement piece that paid homage to the nostalgic art of neon. Alkalyne not only delivered on our vision but also handled the logistics seamlessly. The craftsmanship on our custom neon sign is exceptional, and it's become a beacon for both the quality and culture our brand stands for. It's a genuine head-turner that enhances our dispensary's atmosphere and we couldn't be happier with the result."
— Geoffrey Hoopes, CEO, UpNorth Distribution

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