Cannabis Website Design Brief

UpNorth Distribution, established in 2017 as a purveyor of select cannabis strains, sought to carve out its niche in the digital landscape. They approached Alkalyne with a vision of a website that would not only highlight their products but also serve as a beacon for brand and farm partnerships, and guide consumers to dispensaries stocking their goods.


As a new player in a burgeoning market, UpNorth needed to make an immediate impact with a web presence that conveyed their brand's quality and reliability. They required a platform that was both informative and user-friendly, guiding potential clients and partners through their offerings and the locations where they could be accessed.


Alkalyne responded with a streamlined brochure website that emphasized clarity and ease of navigation. The site was meticulously designed to feature UpNorth's cannabis strains, integrating a comprehensive map to locate dispensaries, and dedicating sections to showcase partnerships with reputable brands and farms.

UpNorth Distribution Homepage 1 UpNorth Distribution Homepage 2


The resulting website met and exceeded UpNorth’s aspirations, furnishing them with a digital foothold that matched their premium brand identity. It effectively attracted traffic, boosted consumer knowledge, and fostered community connections, laying a solid foundation for online and offline growth.

Client Testimonial

"After launching our website crafted by Alkalyne, we've not only seen an uptick in online traffic but have also received glowing feedback from our partners and customers. Their team understood the essence of our brand and translated it into a digital experience that resonates with our audience. Alkalyne has been instrumental in amplifying our online presence."
— Geoffrey Hoopes, CEO, UpNorth Distribution

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