Cannabis Packaging Design Brief

UpNorth, a pioneering cannabis distributor in Arcata, CA, understands that the right packaging is more than just a container—it's the brand ambassador on the front lines of retail. Tasked with the mission to make their individual pre-roll boxes and bulk cartons pop among a forest of competitors, UpNorth partnered with Alkalyne to craft a design that would elevate their presence in dispensaries and resonate with consumers.


The cannabis industry is awash with similar branding aesthetics—particularly the overuse of black color schemes—which posed a significant challenge in making UpNorth's products distinguishable. It was crucial for the packaging design to not only stand out but also align with UpNorth's brand ethos. Additionally, the design had to be meticulously adapted to the provided die lines for precise production.


Alkalyne's strategic response was to reverse-engineer the brand's color palette, promoting green to the forefront and using black for text and detailing. This color inversion strategy ensured that the products caught the consumer's eye while retaining brand recognition. Alkalyne's expertise turned the design into a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring each box and carton was a testament to the quality inside.

UpNorth Distribution Pre Roll Carton Packaging UpNorth Distribution Pre Roll Packaging


The revamped packaging made a powerful impact. Dispensaries now showcased UpNorth's products in a new light, with the vibrant green packaging cutting through the visual clutter, beckoning consumers with its freshness and vitality. This visual distinction translated into increased consumer interest and sales, solidifying UpNorth's market presence.

Client Testimonial

"Alkalyne's creative approach to our packaging design has transformed how our products compete in the marketplace. The new design captures the essence of our brand while ensuring we stand out on the shelves. This has not only pleased our team but has also excited our customers who now easily recognize our products. Alkalyne has been instrumental in taking our brand visibility to new heights."
- Geoffrey Hoopes, CEO, UpNorth

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