B2B Website Design Brief

Unscratch the Surface, a Camarillo-based specialist in glass resurfacing for a range of applications, faced a dilemma. Their website had recently undergone a cosmetic facelift to present a more modern front to the world, spotlighting their extensive work since 2005. However, this visual upgrade came at a cost — the site's backend SEO functionality was now in disrepair, hindering their online visibility.


When Unscratch the Surface embarked on a website redesign, they anticipated a boost in user engagement and an enhanced digital footprint. What transpired, however, was an unforeseen compromise to their site's SEO performance — a critical component for any business operating online. The redesign, while aesthetically successful, led to significant backend degradation, resulting in lost search engine visibility and potential business opportunities. The company was now presented with the challenge of repairing the SEO framework without disrupting the sleek new interface that customers were beginning to appreciate. This intricate task demanded a delicate balance between form and function, as any adjustments to improve SEO should not undo the visual improvements that were recently celebrated by their clientele.


After diagnosing the issues with their website, we informed Unscratch that we could resolve a majority of them by switching over to a new WordPress theme. Unscratch wanted to maintain the newly upgraded look and style of their site, so we replicated their site design with the theme we suggested be used. Unscratch also wanted to maintain some of the back-end functionality the previous web developers had created, such as populating page content from custom post-types, and we were able to do so with the new theme. We also applied fixes to some of the previous web developers coding to correct the empty image alt tags issue. With the new theme applied, replicating the styling from the previous theme, as well as updating missing meta tags on a number of their pages, Unscratch the Surface, Inc. now has a healthy website, inside and out.

Unscratch The Surface Homepage 1 Unscratch The Surface Homepage 2


The resolution of Unscratch the Surface’s website issues culminated in a notable transformation. With the new WordPress theme in place, not only was the visual aesthetic preserved, but the site’s overall performance and search engine optimization were substantially improved. The updates we implemented addressed the backend inefficiencies, allowing for smoother operations and better user engagement. Our work resulted in a revitalized digital presence for Unscratch the Surface, with improved visibility and accessibility that the client could immediately benefit from. Furthermore, the improved SEO features positioned the website for better rankings, potentially leading to increased traffic and higher conversion rates. The client was pleased to see that the integrity of their online representation was restored, reflecting the quality and professionalism of their service.

Client Testimonial

"We thought our website's facelift was a step forward until SEO issues began surfacing. Partnering with this team was the best decision we made. They not only fixed our back-end issues but did it so smoothly, our customers never noticed the change — except for our improved online presence, that is."
— Richard Evans, CEO, Unscratch the Surface, Inc.

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