Custom eCommerce Web Design Brief

The Paul Ekman Group, founded by renowned psychologist Dr. Paul Ekman, is a leader in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions. They specialize in creating training tools that assist in detecting deception, serving high-profile clients such as the CIA and animation giants like Disney Pixar. With a legacy of innovation and authority in the field, they sought to ensure their online presence matched the caliber of their work.


The challenge arose when PEG's relationship with their previous web developer ended abruptly, leaving them with an incomplete website redesign. Entrusted with a partial new design and the need to maintain critical training tools functionality, they needed a developer who could step in seamlessly, understanding the delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and technical precision.


Alkalyne was selected for the task, affirming the capability to carry forward the vision set by the former developer using WordPress. We extracted existing content from the previous test server and meticulously reconstructed the envisioned layout. We then expanded this design consistency to the blog, eCommerce shop, and all remaining web pages. Careful attention was devoted to ensuring the compatibility of the existing custom-coded training tools within the refreshed design.

Paul Ekman Group Homepage 1 Paul Ekman Group Homepage 1


Despite the complexities involved, Alkalyne delivered a fully functional, aesthetically renewed website that aligned with PEG's esteemed brand. The newly designed website not only resonated with the quality of PEG's training tools but also ensured seamless operation post-launch, reflecting the core values and scientific precision that the Paul Ekman Group embodies.

Client Testimonial

"After an unexpected disruption with our previous developer, Alkalyne stepped in with remarkable agility and expertise. They didn't just finish what was started—they enhanced it, delivering a website that truly reflects the excellence of our training tools and the depth of our research. Their ability to integrate complex functionalities within a user-friendly interface has elevated our digital presence significantly. We're grateful for their dedication and impressed by their skillful execution."
— Stephanie Lefler, Executive Director, Paul Ekman Group

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