Restaurant Menu Design Brief

When the Minor Theatre, a cherished historical landmark in Arcata, CA, reopened its doors in 2016 under enthusiastic local ownership, it promised a reinvigorated cinema experience. The new management was determined to elevate the standard movie-going experience by including a curated selection of local food and beverages.


Integrating local fare into the movie theater presented a unique challenge: how to design a menu that facilitated quick and intuitive ordering. The owners recognized that the success of this initiative hinged on a menu layout that allowed patrons to swiftly browse and select offerings without detracting from their overall theater experience.


To address this, Alkalyne crafted a minimalistic menu layout with efficiency at its heart. We embarked on an iterative design journey, creating and refining several layout variations. By adopting a user-centric approach, we emphasized visual clarity and prompt decision-making, ensuring that the menu design was not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical.

The Minor Theatre Menu Front Side The Minor Theatre Menu Back Side


The outcome was a succinct, elegantly designed menu that patrons could effortlessly navigate. The final design utilized bold, legible fonts and smart iconography to demarcate sections clearly. This strategic layout reduced the time taken to place orders and contributed to a smoother concession operation, enhancing the overall customer experience and bolstering concession sales.

Client Testimonial

"The new menu Alkalyne designed has been a game-changer for our concession sales," remarked the theater's owner. "Customers have been complimenting us on how quick and easy it is to decide on their snacks and drinks. It's remarkable how such a seemingly small change can make a big impact on our business and customer satisfaction."
— Josh Neff, Owner, The Minor Theatre

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