Food Packaging DesignBrief

Nestled within the historic charm of The Minor Theatre, an iconic establishment that's been delighting patrons since its inception, a new sweet endeavor was about to take center stage. The theater sought to infuse its essence into the sensory delight of Humboldt Chocolate bars, presenting a delectable experience that paralleled the cinematic adventures they showcased.


The challenge was as enticing as it was complex – to design a packaging that resonates with the legacy of The Minor, yet stands out in its modern milieu. The Milk Chocolate variant posed a unique printing challenge: the use of white ink on kraft paper, an uncommon technique that demanded meticulous attention and the right printing partner.


At Alkalyne, our design maestros crafted packaging layouts that echoed the theater's aesthetic, harmoniously blending with its existing brand elements. We navigated the printing complexities with finesse, selecting a vendor with the capabilities to bring our vision to life – inclusive of the seldom-used white ink, ensuring the packaging donned a look as premium as the chocolate it enveloped.

The Minor Theatre Dark Chocolate Packaging Front Side The Minor Theatre Milk Chocolate Packaging Front Side


The resulting packaging was nothing short of a standing ovation. The Milk Chocolate bars, adorned in their custom attire, not only captured the essence of The Minor but also became a visual and tactile extension of the theater's storied experience. It was a marriage of taste and tradition that patrons could savor, a confectionery representation of The Minor’s commitment to excellence.

Client Testimonial

"The collaboration with Alkalyne was a transformative journey for our confectionary line. Their ability to materialize our vision into the exquisite packaging that now graces our chocolate bars was remarkable. Alkalyne's innovative design has elevated our customer experience, intertwining the taste of our chocolates with the legacy of our theater."
– Joshua Neff, Owner of The Minor Theatre

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