Friday Night Flicks Flyer Design Brief

The Minor Theatre, a historic cinema in Arcata, California, enriches community engagement by offering free movie screenings at the Arcata Ballpark. These outdoor events, known as "Friday Night Flicks," have become a beloved tradition, inviting families to enjoy films under the stars.


The challenge was to capture the communal and nostalgic essence of these events in a promotional flyer that would resonate with the local population. The design needed to be eye-catching, convey all the necessary event details clearly, and evoke the excitement of an outdoor movie experience.


Alkalyne took on the creative endeavor of designing event flyers that would not only inform but also entice the community. We decided to use vibrant colors and imagery that reflected the joy of watching movies in an open-air environment. Our layouts for the 2018 and 2019 event flyers combined a mix of classic and modern design elements, which paralleled the timeless nature of The Minor Theatre itself while appealing to a wide demographic.

The Minor Theatre Friday Night Flicks Poster 2018 The Minor Theatre Friday Night Flicks Poster 2019


The flyers were distributed throughout Arcata and surrounding regions, noticeably contributing to the increase in attendance and community excitement. The success of the flyers was evident as families came prepared with chairs and blankets, creating a picturesque scene of community togetherness at the Arcata Ballpark, reminiscent of a bygone era of community cinema.

Client Testimonial

"We're thrilled with the flyers produced by Alkalyne. They captured the spirit of our Friday Night Flicks perfectly. Each year, we look forward to seeing the creative ways Alkalyne helps us invite the community to these special events. The turnout has been fantastic, and the flyers no doubt played a big role in spreading the word. Their designs added a special touch to our events and helped make them the successes they were."
— Josh Neff, Owner, The Minor Theatre

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