Plant Nutrition Website Design Brief

Mills Nutrients, an established plant nutrient brand rooted in Holland, is recognized for their premium products tailored to enhance plant growth at every stage. Catering to a diverse clientele from hobbyists to large-scale operations, they ensure optimal plant nourishment with their proven product lineup including Basis A&B, Start-R, C4, Ultimate PK, and their unique silicic acid solution, Vitalize. Aimed at revamping their digital presence, Mills Nutrients sought Alkalyne's expertise to modernize their WordPress website.


The challenge lay in retaining the essence of Mills Nutrients' brand while overhauling the website to reflect a more contemporary and user-friendly interface. The existing WordPress platform was to be the foundation for this transformation, necessitating seamless integration of new features without compromising the site’s stability. Additionally, the client required an interactive Nutrient Calculator for precise product application and a dynamic text-changing feature to adhere to advertising restrictions across different geographies.


Alkalyne embraced the task by selecting a versatile, mobile-responsive WordPress theme as the new canvas for Mills Nutrients' website. Our customization process involved not only a visual upgrade but also the strategic implementation of the Nutrient Calculator, enhancing the user experience for growers calculating their product needs. To navigate the complex advertising regulations, we implemented a geolocation-based text-changing functionality, ensuring compliance without manual oversight.

Mills Nutrients Product Page Mills Nutrients Nutrient Calculator Page


The result was a sleek, responsive website that provided Mills Nutrients with an edge in the digital space. Growers could now benefit from the intuitive Nutrient Calculator, facilitating precise applications and maximizing yields. The geolocation text swap feature meant Mills could market their products confidently and compliantly, regardless of the state-specific regulations.

Client Testimonial

"We're thrilled with the transformation Alkalyne has brought to our website. The intuitive design and innovative features like the Nutrient Calculator have notably enhanced our customer engagement. Alkalyne's attention to detail and tailored solutions, especially with the geolocation text functionality, have made a significant impact on our marketing efforts. Partnering with Alkalyne has been a seamless and successful journey."
— Sam Kagan, Marketing Director, Mills Nutrients

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