Live Athletics Fitness Website Design Brief

Live Athletics, a prominent sports rehabilitation gym in Thousand Oaks, California, represents the pinnacle of physical therapy and athlete recovery. The owner, seeking to enhance their digital presence to match their top-tier services, recognized the need for an updated and more cohesive website to better serve their clientele.


The pre-existing website for Live Athletics was functional, yet it lacked the polish and consistency expected of a leading sports rehab facility. It suffered from a patchwork of fonts and design elements that diluted its professional image. The color scheme and theme were outdated, contributing to a less-than-ideal user experience.


Alkalyne Solutions embarked on a meticulous website overhaul for Live Athletics. We implemented a modern WordPress theme and introduced a new color scheme that resonated with the energetic and dynamic spirit of the gym. Our team conducted a thorough audit of the website to identify and rectify any font and design inconsistencies, ensuring a uniform look and feel across all pages.

Live Athletics Homepage 1 Live Athletics Homepage 2


The transformation was profound. Live Athletics' website emerged as a seamless and engaging online space, reflecting the professionalism and cutting-edge nature of the gym's services. The consistent design elements and strategic use of color significantly improved the site's navigation, providing a satisfying and intuitive user experience.

Client Testimonial

"After partnering with Alkalyne Solutions, our website finally reflects the high-quality experience we provide at Live Athletics. Their team didn't just update our look; they revitalized our entire online presence, making it sleek, consistent, and reflective of our brand. This has been a game-changer for attracting new clients and keeping our existing ones engaged."
— Zach Ray, Owner, Live Athletics

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