TV Series Website Design Brief

Capitalizing on the intrigue surrounding the acclaimed TV series "Lie to Me," the Paul Ekman Group (PEG) aimed to revitalize the show's website. As a series that delved into the nuances of human deception, mirroring its sophistication in a digital space was essential. Alkalyne was chosen for the mission to enhance the website's functionality and appeal by migrating it into a modern WordPress environment.


The original "Lie to Me" website was constructed with basic web technologies that limited interactive capabilities and content management efficiency. PEG's goal was to infuse the site with the versatility and ease of use that WordPress offers, transforming it into a dynamic platform that could engage fans and serve as a repository for the rich content inspired by Dr. Paul Ekman's groundbreaking work.


Our team approached the migration with a strategic blend of technical skill and creative design. By leveraging WordPress's robust framework, we were able to integrate advanced features while maintaining the original aesthetic that fans had come to associate with the show. The process involved meticulous planning to ensure a seamless transition of all content, as well as implementing a design that was responsive, user-friendly, and expandable for future needs.

Lie to Me Homepage 1 Lie to Me Homepage 2


The reinvented "Lie to Me" website now offers a seamless user experience with enriched functionality. Fans of the show can interact with the content in new and exciting ways, from engaging in community discussions to easily accessing resources related to the science of deception detection. PEG now enjoys a more manageable platform, allowing them to update content regularly and keep the show's legacy alive and interactive.

Client Testimonial

"The transformation of the 'Lie to Me' website has been nothing short of phenomenal. Alkalyne delivered a site that not only meets our current needs but also provides the flexibility for future enhancements. Their expertise has allowed us to offer a more immersive and interactive experience for fans of the show. We're thrilled with the new website and the continued interest it has fostered within our community."
- Stephanie Lefler, Executive Director, Paul Ekman Group

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