Humboldt Wholesale eCommerce Solution Brief

Humboldt Wholesale, a key player in gardening supply distribution based in Arcata, CA, engaged Alkalyne Design to modernize their website. They needed a sophisticated e-commerce platform that could cater to both retail and wholesale customers, offering secure, tiered pricing access. Our mission was to refresh their digital presence to mirror their market prominence and enhance user experience.


The challenge presented to us involved a multifaceted approach to upgrading Humboldt Wholesale's online experience. Their existing WordPress website required a complete overhaul to not only modernize its appearance but also to integrate eCommerce capabilities tailored specifically for their wholesale operations. A significant requirement was the visibility of Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) to the general public while reserving actual wholesale pricing for verified customer accounts. Furthermore, the company needed an order placement system that signaled HW for order finalization, as transactions were completed offline.


To tackle Humboldt Wholesale's unique requirements, WooCommerce was selected for its versatility and compatibility with WordPress. We customized the WooCommerce platform to adhere to the client's specific needs, enabling MSRP visibility for all visitors while restricting access to HW's pricing to logged-in, verified wholesale customers. The ordering process was also customized to shift the transaction completion offline, with an HW representative personally finalizing each order via phone.

Humboldt Wholesale Homepage 1 Humboldt Wholesale Homepage 2


The redevelopment of Humboldt Wholesale's website and integration of a custom WooCommerce solution met all the client's stipulated needs. Public visitors to the website now see MSRP prices, while registered wholesale customers enjoy the benefit of seeing their exclusive prices once logged in. The order notification system streamlines the process efficiently, allowing for a personalized finalization of each transaction, reinforcing the customer service experience.

Client Testimonial

"Alkalyne has been instrumental in transforming Humboldt Wholesale's online experience. Their customized WooCommerce solution perfectly aligns with our wholesale needs, making product ordering seamless for us and our clients. Their work has not only elevated our digital storefront but also significantly boosted our operational workflow. We're thoroughly impressed with the results."
— Seth Wilson, Sales Manager, Humboldt Wholesale

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