Trifold Brochure Design Brief

Humboldt Alchemy Group, a distinguished producer of cannabis vaporizer cartridges, sought to create a compelling and informative tri-fold brochure to showcase their exquisite product line. In their pursuit of a design that matched their high-quality offerings, they reached out to our team at Alkalyne for expert graphic design services.


The challenge was to design a compact yet comprehensive tri-fold brochure that not only adhered to Humboldt Alchemy Group's established branding guidelines but also stood out in the competitive cannabis market. The brochure needed to communicate the product information clearly and attractively, persuading potential customers to explore their vaporizer cartridges.


Alkalyne's approach was to craft a design that blended visual appeal with informational clarity. By utilizing Humboldt Alchemy Group's branding style guide, product images, and copy, we meticulously developed layouts for both the interior and exterior of the brochure. Our focus was to ensure brand consistency while creating an engaging narrative about their products. Following a collaborative review and minor content revisions, we finalized a design that met both the aesthetic and functional needs of Humboldt Alchemy Group.

Humboldt Alchemy Group Trifold Final Front Humboldt Alchemy Group Trifold Inside Final


The finalized tri-fold brochure was a balanced fusion of brand identity and product showcase. Humboldt Alchemy Group received a marketing piece that effectively communicated the superiority and diversity of their vaporizer cartridges to their audience. Upon approval of the design, we coordinated with a trusted printer to produce the brochures, ensuring the final physical product was of the highest quality.

Client Testimonial

"Alkalyne has surpassed our expectations with their exceptional design work on the tri-fold brochures. Their ability to encapsulate the essence of our brand and products into a compact format has significantly contributed to our marketing efforts. We've received fantastic feedback from clients who appreciated the clarity and quality of the brochures. Alkalyne has been an integral part of this project's success."
— Eric Martin, CEO, Humboldt Alchemy Group

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