Cannabis Promotional Product Design Brief

The Humboldt Alchemy Group (HAG), known for its high-quality cannabis vaporizer cartridges, sought to equip budtenders with comprehensive knowledge about their products and practices. Recognizing the pivotal role budtenders play in educating consumers, HAG aimed to provide a concise yet informative resource that would encapsulate their brand story, cultivation methods, and product details.


In the dynamic environment of a dispensary, budtenders must swiftly relay accurate information to enhance customer confidence and facilitate informed purchasing decisions. The challenge was to distill the essence of HAG’s extensive product line and company ethos into a succinct, engaging double-sided information sheet that could serve as a quick reference guide in the fast-paced retail setting.


Alkalyne dove into the core of HAG’s brand, curating images and copy provided by the client to craft a clear, visually appealing layout. Prioritizing ease of use, the design team structured the content to guide a reader’s eye through the crucial points, using branding elements to create a strong visual hierarchy. This design approach ensured budtenders could easily find and communicate the key selling points and unique attributes of HAG's offerings.

Humboldt Alchemy Group Budtender Sheet Front Humboldt Alchemy Group Budtender Sheet Back


The finished product was a polished, double-sided info sheet that resonated with the brand’s premium quality. Budtenders were now armed with a handy guide that not only bolstered their product knowledge but also enabled them to convey the HAG narrative with conviction. The sheets were well-received for their clarity and effectiveness, becoming a staple educational tool within dispensaries carrying HAG products.

Client Testimonial

"Our partnership with Alkalyne has been a game-changer in how we support our frontline – the budtenders. The double-sided info sheets they crafted for us are more than just informative; they're a testament to our brand's commitment to quality and transparency. It's rewarding to see our brand being communicated with such precision and enthusiasm, all thanks to the excellent groundwork laid out by the Alkalyne team."
— Eric Martin, CEO, Humboldt Alchemy Group

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