Packaging Design Brief

Huckleberry Hill Farms, a pioneer in the Californian cannabis cultivation scene, prides itself as being among the first fully permitted cannabis farms in Humboldt County. The farm's commitment to quality and compliance with state regulations reflects in every aspect of their business, including the packaging of their products.


The challenge for Alkalyne was to produce packaging artwork for Huckleberry Hill Farms' innovative ready-to-grow cannabis seed tubes. The design had to be compelling, align with the brand's visual identity, and adhere strictly to California's rigorous cannabis packaging regulations.


Our design team at Alkalyne embraced the farm's ethos and created a distinctive two-tone layout that was both aesthetically pleasing and regulatory-compliant. We leveraged the rolling hills motif from the Huckleberry Hill Farms logo, ensuring brand consistency and recognition. The final design not only met the legal standards but also stood out on the shelves, capturing the essence of the brand's heritage and the quality of its offering.

Huckleberry Hill Farms Seed Tube All Sides Huckleberry Hill Farms Seed Tube Cap Removed


The resulting packaging was a triumph of design meeting regulatory compliance. The eye-catching artwork has boosted the product's visibility, distinguishing Huckleberry Hill Farms in a crowded marketplace and solidifying its reputation for excellence in both product and presentation.

Client Testimonial

"Alkalyne has been instrumental in bringing our vision for Huckleberry Hill Farms' product packaging to life. Their team's ability to navigate the complex landscape of California's packaging regulations without sacrificing design quality has made our products stand out. Thanks to Alkalyne, our seed tubes are not just regulatory-compliant, but they also carry the essence of our brand to consumers far and wide."
– John Casali, Owner, Huckleberry Hill Farms.

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