Plant Nutrients Website Design Brief

House & Garden Nutrients, renowned for their comprehensive plant nutrient products, sought an enhanced digital presence to match the quality of their offerings. They approached us to rejuvenate their website, aiming for a fresh aesthetic, enriched content, and improved user functionalities while maintaining the familiarity of their established WordPress platform.


The primary challenge was to revamp the existing website in a way that not only refreshed its appearance but also integrated additional features such as a retail store locator, individual product pages, and feed charts. Another intricate task was redesigning the Nutrient Calculator, a vital tool for their customers, which required precision to ensure it provided accurate nutrient mixing guidelines.


We identified a new WordPress theme that resonated with H&G’s vision and tailored it to their specifications. The theme was adapted to incorporate new functionalities, ensuring mobile responsiveness and user-friendly navigation. The website expansion included detailed product pages, a comprehensive retail locator, and downloadable feeding charts. The Nutrient Calculator was reengineered to offer a streamlined experience, enabling users to effortlessly generate custom feeding schedules.

House & Garden Homepage 1 House & Garden Homepage 2


House & Garden Nutrients’ updated website now reflects the high standards of their product line with a clean, modern interface that facilitates customer engagement and education. The Nutrient Calculator has been especially well-received, praised for its ease of use and precision, enhancing the overall customer experience and reinforcing brand loyalty.

Client Testimonial

"We couldn’t be happier with the transformation our website has undergone. The team understood our needs and delivered a site that not only looks fantastic but has become a significant asset for our customers. The Nutrient Calculator is a game-changer – it’s like having a personal feeding advisor available at all times. This update has set a new bar for our digital presence."
– Malorie McCurdy, Managing Director, House & Garden Nutrients

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