Mobile App Design Brief

House & Garden Nutrients, renowned for their premium plant nutrition products, made a bold transition from the Netherlands to Arcata, CA, bringing their complex multipart nutrient line to the hands of discerning cultivators. To streamline the usage of their nutrients, which requires precise mixing ratios that evolve with a crop's growth stages, they enlisted Alkalyne's expertise to transform a conventional process into a seamless digital experience.


The primary challenge was to replace the antiquated paper charts used for mixing nutrients with a more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly solution. Growers needed a hassle-free way to determine the correct mixtures for various growth stages without being bogged down by manual calculations. The solution also had to cater to users in remote areas with limited internet connectivity, ensuring that all growers could benefit regardless of their location.


Alkalyne conceptualized and developed a comprehensive mobile application that encapsulated all the complexities of nutrient mixing into a simple, intuitive interface. Users simply input their reservoir size, growth stage durations, and selected base nutrient to receive a tailored mixing chart. The app includes a feature to save input as 'Profiles,' allowing users to manage multiple crops effortlessly. Designed for both online and offline use, the app guarantees accessibility for all users, anywhere.

House & Garden Nutrient App Screen 1 House & Garden Nutrient App Screen 2


The launch of the House & Garden Nutrients app revolutionized how growers interact with the brand's nutrient line. By digitizing the mixing process, the app not only saved time but also eliminated the potential for errors, ensuring optimal nutrient use and plant health. Growers now had a powerful tool at their fingertips, personalized to their specific horticultural needs, which enhanced their overall growing experience.

Client Testimonial

"The mobile app developed by Alkalyne has been a game-changer for our customers. Alkalyne's innovative approach has not only made nutrient mixing foolproof but has also deeply ingrained our brand in the daily practices of growers. This tool has strengthened our market position and customer loyalty immensely."
— Malorie McCurdy, Managing Director, House & Garden Nutrients

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