Custom Cannabis Packaging Design Brief

In the dynamic landscape of California's regulated cannabis market, Fig Farms, a standout cannabis brand distributed by UpNorth Distribution, recognized the necessity to elevate their packaging to meet stringent state compliance while preserving their brand's aesthetic. They turned to Alkalyne for creative expertise in designing packaging artwork that would distinguish their products on dispensary shelves while adhering to regulations.


The primary challenge was to navigate the complex web of California's cannabis packaging regulations without compromising on Fig Farms' brand identity. It was essential to create designs that were not only compliant but also resonated with Fig Farms' quality and ethos. This meant carefully incorporating legal mandates with creative elements to produce packaging that was both functional and visually compelling.


Leveraging Fig Farms' existing logos and branding assets, Alkalyne crafted a series of artwork variations that spoke to the brand's heritage and appeal. Our designers meticulously developed packaging concepts for eighth jars, cartons, and pre-rolled joints, ensuring that each design iteration adhered to compliance requirements while enhancing the visual impact. The collaboration with Fig Farms was a harmonious fusion of our creative vision and their brand narrative, resulting in packaging artwork that was authentic to their identity.

Fig Farms eighth ounce box artwork Fig Farms preroll box artwork


The final designs encapsulated Fig Farms' brand spirit and passed the stringent regulatory muster. The new packaging, now visible across California dispensaries, has not only elevated Fig Farms' market presence but also streamlined the consumer experience with clear, compliant, and attractive packaging that truly represents the high quality of their cannabis products.

Client Testimonial

"As CEO of UpNorth Distribution, overseeing the multitude of brands we work with, it's crucial that our partners understand the delicate balance between regulation and brand expression. Alkalyne has impressively navigated this tightrope, delivering packaging for Fig Farms that not only meets California's stringent cannabis regulations but also enhances our shelf presence with its striking design. The feedback from dispensaries and customers alike has been overwhelmingly positive, confirming that Alkalyne's work is not just seen, but felt."
— Geoff Hoopes, CEO, UpNorth Distribution

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