Cannabis Branding Brief

UpNorth, a dynamic player in the cannabis market of Arcata, CA, expanded its horizons with the introduction of Daze Off, an in-house brand representing their new line of premium strains. To encapsulate the essence of leisure and relaxation that Daze Off promised, they reached out to Alkalyne for a branding solution that would stand out in the competitive cannabis marketplace.


The task was to develop a logo and label artwork that not only resonated with the brand’s name, Daze Off, but also differentiated between its three strain varieties: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. It was crucial for the branding to convey the calming and immersive experience offered by the product, appealing directly to the senses and preferences of the target audience.


In a collaborative effort, UpNorth selected a font that reflected their vision for the brand, upon which Alkalyne crafted a vaporwave-inspired aesthetic to complement their choice. The final logo featured "Daze Off" emblazoned over an orange sun, symbolizing warmth and tranquility, set against a backdrop of color bands that gracefully transitioned through a gradient, reminiscent of a serene sunset. Three distinct color palettes were carefully curated to represent each strain: purple/pink signifying Indica’s soothing effects, yellow/orange capturing Sativa’s energizing essence, and green/blue for the balanced nature of Hybrid strains. Beyond the logo, Alkalyne designed intricate label artwork for the eighth jars and a tamper-proof sticker for jar caps, completing a cohesive visual identity that was both secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Daze Off Logo Daze Off Sativa Jar


The Daze Off brand launch was a resounding success. The striking visual identity enabled UpNorth to cement Daze Off’s market position as a premium brand with an inviting appeal. Customers were not only reassured by the evident quality and care in packaging but were also drawn to the visual storytelling that differentiated the strains. The branding components worked synergistically to create a memorable unboxing experience that elevated the everyday to the extraordinary.

Client Testimonial

"Alkalyne’s ability to translate our ideas into a tangible brand identity was remarkable. The Daze Off logo and labels are a hit among our customers, who love the visual appeal and appreciate the ease of strain identification. Alkalyne has been instrumental in bringing Daze Off to life, and we look forward to continuing this partnership as we grow our brand."
- Geoffrey Hoopes, CEO, UpNorth

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