Vacation Rental Website Design Brief

Casa de Oro is a picturesque vacation villa in Troncones, Mexico, offering a serene beachfront experience. Recognizing the need to mirror their exceptional service online, the owners approached us to rejuvenate their website with a contemporary design and improved functionality to enhance the customer booking journey.


The villa's previous website was outdated, lacking both the visual appeal and the necessary integrations with modern booking platforms like AirBnB and VRBO. The challenge was to create a visually engaging and informative website that could streamline the reservation process and provide potential customers with an enticing preview of the property.


We embarked on a comprehensive redesign of the website, prioritizing a clean, modern aesthetic and user-friendly navigation. Key features included:

  • An embedded Property Overview video on the homepage for an immediate, immersive experience.
  • A real-time Availability Calendar synchronized with AirBnB and VRBO.
  • A strategically curated image gallery and customer testimonials to build trust.
  • Clear, concise content sections guiding visitors toward a prominent Reservation CTA.
Casa de Oro Homepage 1 Casa de Oro Homepage 2


The revamped website now boasts a sophisticated look and intuitive booking experience, resulting in increased engagement, inquiries, and bookings. The seamless integration with rental platforms and the strategic layout have significantly uplifted Casa de Oro's online presence.

Client Testimonial

"After the website overhaul by Alkalyne, we've seen a remarkable uptick in our bookings. The new design encapsulates the beauty of Casa de Oro and offers a user-friendly platform that our guests rave about. The Availability Calendar integration was a masterstroke, enhancing our operational efficiency manifold."
— Peter Inglis, Co-Owner, Casa de Oro

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