Ama Foundation Nonprofit Website Design Brief

The Ama Foundation serves as a beacon of hope for homeless and at-risk children in Nepal, offering them a new lease on life through its loving residential home, Ama Ghar. This noble initiative relies heavily on the generosity of donors, facilitated through its digital presence. Recognizing the pivotal role of a compelling and user-friendly website, the Foundation sought to revitalize its online portal to better echo its mission and ethos. However, the project to overhaul their site had hit a wall, languishing for close to a year with little progress. In a bid to rekindle the momentum and effectively reach the hearts and minds of potential donors, the Ama Foundation turned to Alkalyne, trusting in our digital acumen to break the deadlock and deliver a website that would stand as a pillar of their fundraising and outreach efforts.


The Ama Foundation was grappling with a stagnating digital presence; their website redesign had been in limbo for almost a year. This delay was more than a mere inconvenience—it was a barrier to potential impact, hindering the Foundation's ability to connect with global supporters and secure essential funding. Their existing website was not only outdated in style but also in functionality, lacking the seamless user experience modern donors expect. Moreover, the unfinished site was a patchwork of incomplete ideas, with a scant number of pages offering little more than a glimpse into what could be a comprehensive resource for both information and donations. In essence, the Ama Foundation's digital platform was failing to tell the compelling story of resilience and hope that Ama Ghar represented. Alkalyne was thus entrusted with the formidable task of reviving a stalled project, aligning it with contemporary design sensibilities, and ensuring the website could serve as an effective conduit for the Foundation's life-changing work.


To tackle the Ama Foundation website's redesign, we at Alkalyne chose a new WordPress theme to enhance the site's look and functionality. Our team reorganized content for clarity and user engagement and integrated a user-friendly donation plugin, crucial for the Foundation's fundraising. We also optimized the site for search engines to improve visibility. Our streamlined solution aimed to complete the redesign efficiently while boosting online donations and support for Ama Ghar's children.

Ama Foundation Homepage 1 Ama Foundation Homepage 2


The relaunched website now reflects the warmth and dedication of the Ama Foundation, with an inviting design and streamlined user experience. The new donation system has made it easier for well-wishers to contribute, resulting in a tangible uptick in support for Ama Ghar.

Client Testimonial

"The transformation of our website has been remarkable. Alkalyne didn't just give us a new look; they gave us a more functional platform that tells our story with heart and clarity. Donations have increased, and our community is more engaged than ever. This has been a game-changer for the children we support."
— Cathy Clifton, Director of Communications, Ama Foundation

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